Ripper’s Wrath – the final book in The Ripper Trilogy

Wrath Cover

Ripper’s Wrath

Ripper’s Wrath, the final book in The Ripper Trilogy is now available at Amazon for the Kindle platform, Barnes & Noble for the Nook, and at Kobo Books for the Kobo readers.  It will also be available at the iBookstore, Sony and other eBook  retailers in the coming weeks.

The paperback version will be available on Amazon by the end of January, 2013.

The description for Ripper’s Wrath is below, but before you read it, I’d like to give you my take on it first.

What started out as a short story written by myself and Shawn Weaver turned into The Ripper TrilogyRipper’s Row was the first book, followed by Ripper’s Revenge, and now the trilogy wraps up with Ripper’s Wrath. These books have been great fun to write, and I fell in love with the characters early on.

About halfway through Ripper’s Row we decided that we would make a trilogy out of this story line. Early on, we focused on the action and slowly began to build the characters. We intentionally did not fully develop the characters as the intention was to let them develop through their actions – and I think we did that. In the final book, readers will learn much more about Jack and what drives him. Helena – the White Witch plays a much bigger part in book 3, and Dr. Watson shows why Holmes puts so much trust in the man.

Ripper’s Wrath completes the story line that started back in book 1, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Jack and Helena – perhaps others – will not continue their war against vampires and other Shadow Beings who prey on innocent humans. It is my hope that there will be more books featuring these characters. I know that I will come to miss them, and I have a good story in mind where Jack and Helena will face an evil so powerful that Jack’s blades alone cannot stop it.

Stay tuned to this website for updates on future books, and I would like to personally thank everyone who has been reading The Ripper books. I hope you enjoy Ripper’s Wrath. Early readers report it’s the best book so far.

Here’s the description for Ripper’s Wrath:

After destroying William Carpenter, the Master Vampire he followed from London to America, Jack Morrow, also known as Jack the Ripper, finds that his foe had powerful allies in New Orleans who mean to avenge their fallen leader. He soon finds himself tangled in a dangerous web of vampires and Vodou cultists who will stop at nothing to kill Jack the Ripper and end the wrath he has brought upon them.
Among the Ripper’s new enemies is a powerful vampire who appears as a nine-year-old southern girl, determined to avenge her fallen Sire. She calls upon Victor, a Vampire Elder and his devious clan to assist in killing Jack the Ripper, but Victor’s plan changes when he decides that the Ripper would make a powerful addition to his clan, and is determined to turn him from vampire hunter to deadly vampire slave.
The vampires align themselves with the powerful Vodou Queen of New Orleans, who has plans of her own for Jack the Ripper, who has burned her mansion and disrupted her comfortable lifestyle in his attack on the vampires she harbors.
Along with his mentor Helena, a powerful White Witch, and Dr. Watson, associate of the famous Sherlock Holmes, the trio must fight their way from New Orleans to Memphis. They are hounded every step along the way as Jack battles the growing army of vampires, while Helena challenges the Vodou Queen in a psychic battle that rattles the physical world.
Can Jack survive the onslaught before him? Can he save the soul of his beloved Sarah and her sister Samantha as she unknowingly steps into the hands of Vodou Queen, Marie Laveau?
Join the harrowing journey of Jack the Ripper as he cuts a swath through America, searching for salvation from the blood sucking hoards that hunt him and the mystical forces of Vodou that trap the souls of those he loves.



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2 Responses to Ripper’s Wrath – the final book in The Ripper Trilogy

  1. How did you pick up the ideas to create the “Ripper” books?

    • Donnie Light says:

      When Shawn Weaver and I met, we decided to write a short story together. I wanted to write something with vampires, and Shawn mentioned writing about Jack the Ripper. Over lunch, the idea to combine the two was born and we began writing. We wanted to take the historical facts of the Jack the Ripper legend, and explain an alternate story – one where Jack’s actions were explained. Once we were beyond short-story length, we decided to keep going, and Ripper’s Row was the result.
      We both loved the characters, so we kept them going through two more books.
      I think we both still love the characters, and we both have ideas to feature them in other stories. Keep an eye out for them sometime in the future…

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