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Hacked By Shade

Hacked By Shade Hacked By Shade   GreetZ: Prosox – Sxtz – KDZ – RxR HaCkEr – GeNErAL – HolaKo – Golden-Hacker – ~Abo-Al EoS Twitter: @ShadeHaxor Tweet

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Why I read and write Horror and Thriller novels.

Imagine this: I’m in line at some social function, standing next to a woman who is my mother’s age. We strike up a conversation, and she eventually asks what I do. “I’m a writer,” I say. Of course, she responds … Continue reading

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Building a new website/blog

Hi All, My current website is under construction, and probably will be for a few days. My old site had not see any changes other than new blog posts and a few updates, so I felt it was time to … Continue reading

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Does Quality eBook Formatting Really Matter?

As an Indie Author, I have become heavily involved in eBook formatting. I have spent many, many hours fretting over my eBook titles, making sure that my CSS is set up properly, making sure my Chapters start on a new … Continue reading

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Ebook Formatting – Part One – Overview

I’ve been doing a lot of ebook formatting lately, and with each new project, there is a new lesson to learn, or a new barrier to cross. This has given me a lot to write about when it comes to … Continue reading

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Use E-book Technology as an Editing Tool

All authors are unique and have developed various ways of producing and editing their work. As a long-time e-book fanatic, I have developed a method of using e-books and e-book readers as an editing tool which speeds up and enhances … Continue reading

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Big Week for Indie Writers

In the past week we have learned two significant things concerning the world of publishing; John Locke became the first Indie writer to sell a million ebooks on Amazon, and author J.K. Rowling is set to release her Harry Potter … Continue reading

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Watch Full Movie Streaming And Download Amanda Knox (2016) subtitle english

Amanda Knox (2016) HD Director : Brian McGinn, Rod Blackhurst. Writer : Matthew Hamachek, Brian McGinn. Release : September 10, 2016 Country : Denmark, United States of America. Language : English, Italiano. Runtime : 92 min. Genre : Documentary. Movie … Continue reading

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TEETH by Timothy James Dean

The Bite done Right! I just finished the novel TEETH by Timothy James Dean and was absolutely overwhelmed by the scope of this story. “Epic” may be too small a word to describe the adventure of a small party of … Continue reading

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Discovering New Authors

I was reading a blog post yesterday about the “positive aspects” of being rejected by agents and editors. This blogger was touting the “growth” that can be experienced by an author by being rejected by the traditional publishing establishment. The … Continue reading

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